Rua do Crasto 1415

4720-614 Prozelo, Amares

Tel: 253 909 010

Tlm: 96 66 98 280


Para exportação, por favor contacte:

For export , please contact ;

Mike Rudowski/Export manager 


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Located 10 Kms from Braga, Quinta  Solar das  Bouça extends for 34 hectares of vineyards and groves of lush green, confining approximately 800m to the right bank of the River Cávado.


Its name, Solar das Bouças, came from the fact that in the eighteenth-century a stately manor house "Solar" was built in the center of the farm , surrounded by woods  "Bouças" in its property.


Today, Solar das  Bouças is considered one of the leading and most prestigious  vinho verde wine making, having been one of the first to invest in the potential of the "Quinta" Wines.


The brand launched with great success, the old Solar and farmhouses were  restored to transform  Solar das Bouças in a destination where you can  enjoy  harmony with nature, tranquility, peace and comfort.


Associated with the excellence of its wines, the property became an attraction for anyone visiting the area and trying  the "Vinhos Verdes Route".


Besides being able to enjoy a tasting of the wines of the "Quinta", which you can purchase on the spot, you can also enjoy an interesting walking route specially created to enjoy a few moments of relaxation and fun.