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Solar das Bouças goes back to the eighteenth century, and as many other properties in the region, it had a troubled story.

Just over fifty years the farm was practically ruined, until it was purchased by someone who gave it the deserved value. We refer to Albano Castro Sousa, who transformed Solar das  Bouças in one of the most respected producers of Vinho Verde and he was one of the first to invest in the potential of the wines, so called "Vinhos de Quinta".

However, around the late 90s Albano Castro Sousa sold the property to the firm of port wine "Quinta do Noval", which belonged to the family van Zeller.

Years later, when the family decided to sell the Quinta do Noval, one of the family members, Fernando van Zeller, decided to remain in possession of this vast heritage, having then been initiated a new phase of development of this farm.

It began the restoration work of the houses of the property, including the restoration and complete reconstruction of the old manor.

Completed this phase, begins also the replanting of the entire property with new vineyards and varietals, allowing the necessary renewal, while maintaining the concern on the excellence of the wine production of Solar das Bouças.